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Learning to Live Well, Together.

DreamDance Seattle

DreamDance Seattle, our home community in the Salish Sea.

Our Sacred Acres (OSA) is a dream that is coming to life. It is more than just a place to create and connect with nature, much more than just a shared living space for community development, and even more than an experiential education facility.

We are an Impact Center.

An Impact Center is a land­-based community project that focuses on sustainability, food sovereignty, health and wellness, and community outreach through the sharing of artful living skills.


The OSA Community Impact and Outreach Center is a place for many peoples to meet on common ground in harmony and goodwill; working together to build lasting, resilient relationships through projects based on trust and gratitude for each others gifts, while guided and abiding by the principles of permaculture, council, and stewardship.

We collaborate to create a healthy environment rich in culturally diverse learning opportunities, both self-guided and teacher-led, for students of all ages to broaden their minds and open their hearts.


At the core of OSA is a love-filled home, where an ever-evolving collective of local and global teachers and students gather to practice their exchange of skills and services in a residential learning environment.

IMAG2600On several acres of land in the Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest, we invite our guests to dream, plan, develop and learn with us through participating on project teams that shape our abilities to care for self, planet, and peoples.


Together, we facilitate life-enriching experiences for the benefit of our people, the worlds they live in, and the earth we share.


10609479_10154746348760371_3228773197534835016_nWith a common purpose of developing our own entrepreneurial livelihoods, we are able to connect students and teachers to evolve our collective skills for living lightly with each other, our lands and waters, and our many circles of community using emergent models of business.

We unite mission, passion, and purpose with profession and vocation for regenerative and interdependent thriving.

Visitors participate in these educational offerings and village building endeavors with the goal to co-create a sustainable demonstration site for future generations.

How We Do It 


Re-Inhabiting the Village – a collaborative community project with Jamaica Stevens, Founder of the Tribal Convergence Network.

We are dedicated to researching collaborative enterprise models and cooperative stewardship practices that are regenerative for the individual as well as the environment. Our goal is to test and share our findings through experiential teachings that are rooted in social, cultural, spiritual, economic and ecological well-being.



We actively create harmonious partnerships with people, places, and projects that are interested in practical applications for permaculture principles and situationally appropriate technology, and that hold in esteem strong values for living lightly on the earth.

Who Are We?

10452907_10154836446340623_5484004299325771010_oWe are the caretakers of a private, protected wilderness and wetlands maintaining a healthy, supportive environment upon the land. We voluntarily contribute to the enrichment of aligned communities both locally and globally. In return, we flourish as an intentional learning collective.  We are becoming more joyful, interdependent, resilient, resourceful, viable, and prosperous through deeply connecting to ourselves, our community, and the earth.

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10431431_10154836444785623_7379554564023468357_oOur Sacred Acres..  a rural home for our urban  family.

Get involved

There are many ways to contribute to the mission of Our Sacred Acres, from a few hours of volunteering to a large­ scale tax deductible donation, and anything in between. Here is a brief introduction to the many ways you can become involved:

-Donations: We appreciate donations of all kinds, including supplies/materials, your volunteer time, and/or financial support. Any cash or in-­kind donation to Our Sacred Acres qualifies for a tax deduction. After your donation is received, you will be sent an official letter with the appropriate information for your use during your tax filing.

Donate via PayPal or Square Cash by sending to admin@oursacredacres.com

-Our Sacred Angels: Our Angels are a growing group of individuals who have signed up to contribute small, monthly donations towards the operating budget of Our Sacred Acres. Sacred Angels receive discounts on courses and OSA events. The goal is to create a group of 600 people each contributing $10 a month.

Set up your recurring payment with One4All – an Empowerment WORKS partner that helps unleash the good through giving:


Click to make a one time or recurring contribution to Our Sacred Acres.


-Volunteering: Hundreds of people have put their hands to every aspect of Our Sacred Acres. If you feel drawn to assist in the co­-creation of this community project, please contact info@oursacredacres.com. All volunteers are responsible for their food and site costs, and we will work with you to find the best balance of what is needed and what your unique contribution might be.


-Wish List: If you are thinking about “simplifying” or just getting rid of stuff, please consider making a material donation to Our Sacred Acres. We would very much appreciate contributions for our permaculture garden, and educational programs. Of particular interest are building materials and good salvage. (followed by list of wanted items)

Facility rental

Areas of Our Sacred Acres are available to rent out for the day, evening/night, and for longer periods. Approval is on a case­by-case basis. Facilities for rent include the grounds, including camping areas, the wood shop (including the outdoor kitchen) and bedrooms/indoor gathering spaces in the main house and in the Outpost.


Woodshop rental (daytime only): $100

Day rental of OSA grounds: $250

Evening rental: $500

Weekend rental: $1200


Please see our calendar for availability: (link) and contact us at info@oursacredacres.com to book.


All rentals must provide an additional deposit of $500 for clean up and damages. If the site is left clean and undamaged, the deposit will be refunded to you in full. This may be waived for regular renters, please confirm this at the time of booking.



For general inquiries, tours, or more information: info@oursacredsacres.com



1110 Carlson Rd

Snohomish, WA 98290